Pharmaceutical Substances

Pharmaceutical Substances

The addiction to pharmaceutical substances, as are the benzodiazepines (eg stedon, tavor, vulbegal, hipnosedon etc) and the barbiturates, is perhaps the widespreadest type of addiction in the world.

The first contact with these pharmaceutical substances usually begins from a prescription, after certain physical and psychological symptoms arise. Usually one begins to receive benzodiazepines and barbiturates because  a psychiatric or physical disease is expressed, reporting symptoms such as “depression”, disturbed sleep, insomnia, stress, panic etc...

In this effort of the individual to feel better and “to become well”, the foundations of a process of addiction is set, based on the mechanisms of deprival and tolerance (bodily dependence) and desire.

In particular, the individual begins to constantly seek larger quantity of substances in order to achieve the same psychodrastic, or toxic result, while he experiences limited results, with the same quantity of substance (diagnostic criteria of “tolerance”). At the same time, the patient is forced to receive the pharmaceutical substance in question or similar type of substances (such as alcohol) in order to avoid unpleasant symptoms of deprival, stress, perspiration, insomnia etc...

The patient results to wishing only the continuation of the particular pharmaceutical substance (benzodiazepines and barbiturates), while he expresses indifference for any other situation in his life. In order to continue his daily life and keep up with his obligations, the patient is forced to receive an increasing quantity of substance.

The addiction to pharmaceutical substances constitutes an effort to find a “biological” solution to the need of the patient to achieve a mental and bodily balance.

In the framework of treatment in Lyrakou Clinic, we offer a complete pharmaceutical and psychotherapeutic treatment for the therapeutic confrontation of symptoms of deprival, for the “psychological void” and for the need for encouragement that the patient seeks. The patient receives the suitable pharmaceutical support for smooth and safe reduction of pharmaceutical substances, while if the patient tried to limit the use of such substances by himself, apart from the objective difficulty that he would face, he would also be in danger from symptoms such as epilepsy, crises of panic etc...

At the same time, in Lyrakou Clinic, we offer a special psychotherapeutic framework of mobilisation, with a concrete therapeutic program that includes group and individual psychotherapy, ergotherapy, movement therapy, group artistic activities, with the objective to support the patient to responsibly stand and continue his effort.

H διοίκηση της εταιρείας σας ευχαριστεί για την εμπιστοσύνη που μας δείχνετε επί σειρά δεκαετιών και δεσμεύεται να συνεχίσει την συνεπή, υπεύθυνη και ανθρωποκεντρική παροχή υπηρεσιών. Θέλουμε επίσης να διευκρινίσουμε ότι η Κλινική μας ουδεμία σχέση ή συνεργασία έχει με συνεφείς δομές ή άλλα πρόσωπα που δραστηριοποιούνται στον κλάδο της ψυχικής υγείας, ακόμη κι αν αυτά τυγχάνει να φέρουν παρεμφερή ή παρόμοι επωνυμία με την "ΚΛΙΝΙΚΗ ΛΥΡΑΚΟΥ Α.Ε."