Dementia is a diffuse illness of the brain and is expressed through progressive handing-over of superior cognitive operations (memory, reason, critical faculty, executive operations) accompanied by the progressive and important handing-over of functionalism and obvious changes in personality.

The illness of Alzheimer is the most frequent form of senility (60%) and is usually expressed in individuals above 65 years old with main characteristic the growth of multiple cognitive deficits that is owed in the diffuse atrophy of the cerebral rind. The combination of pharmaceutical treatment as well as the attendance of the patient in programs of cognitive restructure, psychological support and balanced diet, contribute positively to the deceleration through the course of the illness. The urgent diagnosis constitutes the main factor of deterrence of the disturbances.

Which are the more important premature clues of senility?

1. Forgetfulness with the results at work

Most persons forget sometimes the names or determinations. If this happens more often and also the inexplicable situations of confusion are presented at high frequency, it is a clue for the deteriotration in the operation of memory.

2. Difficulties with the known activities

The persons that are busy are sometimes abstract and they forget. The persons with senility potentially not only forget the container on the stove as an example but also if they have cooked.

3. Linguistic problems

Most persons face sometimes difficulties in the finding of correct words. Suffering senility they cannot even remember the simple words and they likely find it difficult to understand the meaning

4. Problems with the territorial and time orientation

A lot of persons forget sometimes eg the day of week or are lost in various spaces.

5. Weakened faculty of logic

The persons with senility do not always select the suitable clothing for the weather. Suffering senility, they wear sometimes inadequate clothing.

6. Problems with the brake away thought

For a lot of persons with senility, remembering a banking account is a challenge. The patients of senility can neither recognize the numbers neither perform simple calculations.

7. Leaving things behind of:

From time in time almost everyone has forgotten his keys or a wallet. The tendency suffering from senility is to put the things in the most inadequate places, as, for example the iron in the refrigerator or a clock in the bowl of sugar. Then they can not remember where they have put it

8. Alternation of disposal and behaviouristic changes

Each one of us can at some time have alternations in his disposal. The persons with senility can have very sudden alternation of disposal, often without distinct cause.

9. Personality changes

With the progress of age, the personality of most persons changes a little. The persons that are influenced by senility can present a lot of intense changes of personality, suddenly or at the duration of a longer time period. Somebody that is in general friendly, for example, becomes unexpectedly jealous or conscious.

10. Loss of initiative

No one works continuously with the same motive. Patients of senility sometimes take decreased enjoyment in their work. Also they show decreased interest for the hobbies that up to a while ago made them happy.

Papoutsakis Konstantinos, Psychiatrist / Team Manager
Theodoropoulou Olga

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