Crisis Incidents

Management of Acute Incidents
Management of Acute Incidents

Dealing with an acute psychiatric incident is perhaps one of the most ambiguous issues in modern mental health professions. Based on the rapid progress of psychiatry, pharmacology, and psychology - psychotherapy, addressing the acute phase of an incident has now become much more effective but also more complex as a process. Professionals must work together quickly and efficiently in order to deal with the incident in a timely, helpful and rapid manner.

To this effect, the Clinic has developed a special protocol that accomplishes all of the above to the benefit of the patient. During the intervention psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses, and other co-workers work closely together in order to handle swiftly and successfully the acute incident.

Pharmaceutically, the rapid progress that has been made in recent years allows us to deal immediately with these situations without suppressing or medically “freezing” patients except in rare cases.
Initially, we intervene psychotherapeutically to regulate the symptoms of the acute phase and then we focus on treating the core features of the disorder, aiming mainly at improving the patient’s social functioning.

As an example, in the event of an acute depressive incident presenting symptoms of intense suicidal ideation, the initial goal is to reduce and control the ideation. With this in mind, we give emphasis to the reasons that could prevent the patient from committing suicide.

This enables us to control with the help of medication our paramount concern, which is the acute incident, and then concentrate on the main treatment of the patient, focusing on the deep reasons of the disorder.

The psychometric tests included in the website can give objective results only under certain conditions.
In no case do they replace the reliable and timely medical opinion and they are, of course, not a prompt for any action without the advice of a qualified physician or psychologist.

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