Stabilisation Of Chronic Illness

Stabilisation of Chronic Diseases

Often the families of a chronic psychiatric patient, who has been hospitalised for a large part of his life, experience the loss of this family member, since the activities, gatherings and family moments with the patient are very limited and sometimes even non-existent.
In recent years in Greece, there has been an effort of deinstitutionalisation and social reintegration, through hostels and day centres. Sensible to this need, the Lyrakou Clinic has started a social rehabilitation program focusing mainly in the patient’s functioning.
The development of social skills as well as the practice of small, at the start, activities such as making the bed and getting the habit of a good personal hygiene, play a crucial role in the social reintegration of the individual.
Individual and group psychoeducational sessions for the patients and their families, help the two parties not only to coexist but also to work together and enjoy the family environment, thus leaving behind the problems of mental illness through education, and no more because of ignorance.
Finally, the learning of various skills like candle making, pottery and different types of painting, enable the patient, not only to express himself but also to own a creative skill, in the great, for him, challenges of everyday life.
Helping in this psychiatric challenge of social reintegration with a well-trained team, the Lyrakou Clinic proceeds with the goal of not only treat or suppress the symptoms of the disease but also providing its patients with the necessary social skills that will allow them to get back their life.

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