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Psychiatric department

Management of Acute Incidents
Dealing with an acute psychiatric incident is perhaps one of the most ambiguous issues in modern mental health professions. Based on the rapid progress of psychiatry, pharmacology and psychology - psychotherapy, addressing the acute phase of an incident has now become much more effective but also more complex as a process. 
Stabilisation of Chronic Diseases
Often the families of a chronic psychiatric patient, who has been hospitalised for a large part of his life, experience the loss of this family member, since the activities, gatherings and family moments with the patient are very limited and sometimes even non-existent.
Lyrakou Clinic specialises in a full range of psychiatric disorders (depression, psychosis, manic depression, organic psychosyndrome, paranoid personality, etc.) and can effectively treat symptoms such as:
1. Suicide attempt
2. Hallucinations (visual, auditory, etc.)
3. Obsessions
4. Psychotic episodes
5. Aggression

*The psychometric tests included in the website can give objective results only under certain conditions.
In no case do they replace the reliable and timely medical opinion and they are, of course, not a prompt for any action without the advice of a qualified physician or psychologist.

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