Clinic Hospitalisation: Rehabilitation - Psychiatric - Psychogeriatric

Hospitalization of psychiatric cases

Psychiatric department

Treatment of Acute Incidents
The process of dealing with an acute psychiatric incident is perhaps one of the most ambiguous issues in modern mental health professions.  Stabilisation of Chronic Diseases
Often the families of a chronic psychiatric patient, who has been hospitalised for a large part of his life, experience the loss of this family member, since the activities, meetings and family gatherings with the patient are very limited and sometimes even non-existent. 


Rehabilitation - Detoxification from Pharmaceutical Substances
The addiction to benzodiazepines (such as vulbegal, stedon, tavor, hipnosedon etc) and barbiturates, is perhaps one of the most common types of addiction in the world. Rehabilitation - Detoxification from Alcohol
Alcohol is the most widespread and legal addictive substance, with the most deaths registered worldwide (added to the pathological causes are deaths from car accidents, work accident, etc.).  Rehabilitation - Detoxification from Substance abuse
Drug addiction is usually a long and arduous endeavour both for the patient and the family. Rehabilitation - Detoxification from Gambling
The constant involvement in various gambling games like roulette, poker, horse racing, Kino, etc. can be classified as pathological gambling.  Dual Diagnosis/Comorbidity
It has been found that a large percentage of people addicted to substances or to addictive behaviours, also suffer from psychiatric illness. The mental illness can be due to the use or the use can be an attempt to self-medicate.


Our clinic also includes an outpatient department for the

Treatment of Dementia - Alzheimer
There is a number of suitable treatments that can alleviate the patient’s condition and his relatives’ affliction. These improvements can be achieved through physical, emotional, and also mental activation, for example with the help of physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Alzheimer's disease was first described in 1907 by physician Alois Alzheimer. The most commonly known symptom of Alzheimer's disease is confusion. 

Dementia is a widespread disease of the brain and is manifested by a gradual reduction of higher cognitive functions (memory, speech, critical ability, executive functions) accompanied by a gradual and significant decline in functionality and obvious changes in personality.
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