Dr. Artemis Xanthaki

Psychologist Dr. Artemis Xanthaki - DPsychol, CPsychol

Counceling Psychologist - Psychotherapist
Born in 1979, she graduated from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom with the mention “Very Good”, and continued her postgraduate studies at the Universities of Nottingham (MSc in Occupational Psychology) and City (MSc in Counceling Psychology).
  • She continued her doctoral research at City University (DPsych in Counceling Psychology), from where she graduated in August 2008.
  • She works at the Lyrakou Clinic providing her expertise in the hospital and outpatient clinics of the Psychotherapeutic Center.
  • She specializes in treating patients with eating disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, depression and psychosis.
  • She is of cognitive therapy orientation and has been honored with the “Excellence in Research” award for her doctoral dissertation by the British Association of Psychologists.
She has worked in distinguished mental health institutions in the United Kingdom and Greece, such as:
  • The Psychiatric Hospital Highgate Mental Health Center (Camden & Islington Mental Health Trust) in London.
  • The Health Center Albion St. Group Practice (GP) in London.
  • The Wandsworth Prison in London.
  • The Newham Psychotherapeutic Center (East London & the City Mental Health Trust) in London.
  • The Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens of Agia Sofia Hospital in the teen department.
  • The ANASA Eating Disorders Day Center in Athens.
She has taken part in the following events of the clinic:
  • “Interventions for Positive Psychotic Symptoms: A CBT approach for Delusions, Voices and Paranoia”, 16th International A.P.P.A.C. Conference, Athens, Greece, May 2011.
  • “Art Therapy in Borderline Personality Disorder”, 2nd Panhellenic Psychiatric Conference: “Art and Psychiatry”, Chania, Greece, May 2010.
  • “Creative writing as a method of Artistic Mediation in Dual Diagnosis psychotherapy groups”, 2nd Panhellenic Psychiatric Conference: “Art and Psychiatry”, Chania, Greece, May 2010.
She has participated in numerous lectures and seminars, such as:
  • Motivational Interviewing in Health Care Settings, June 2013.
  • 16th International Conference of the Association of Psychology & Psychiatry for Adults & Children. Participation in the Symposium: Psychosis, Neuroscience and Recovery. Lecture entitled “Therapeutic Interventions for Positive Psychotic Symptoms. A CBT Approach for Delusions, Voices and Paranoia”, Hilton, Athens, Greece, 17-20 May 2011.
  • 2nd Panhellenic Conference: Art and Psychiatry. Participation in a round table on “Treatment through art in Borderline Personality Disorder”, Chania, Greece, 20-23 May 2010.
  • “Schema Therapy” for the narcissistic personality disorder, Dr Jeffrey’s Young Workshop, London, UK, 27-28 November 2007.
  • Humor and other emotional crisis survival strategies, 15th Congress of European Association for Psychotherapy, Florence, Italy, 14-17 June 2007.
  • Cognitive treatment approach for personality disorders, Dr Padesky’s Workshop, 14-15 May 2007.
  • Working with Patients with Personality Disorders (Oscar Hill, NHS): Borderline Personality Disorder - Controlling Self-Destructive Behaviors - Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
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