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Lyrakou Clinic
Within the limits of Melissia in Nea Penteli, in a pleasant environment full of trees exists since 1973, CLINIC LYRAKOU, with a capacity of 120 beds, offering its services in the field of mental health.  The founder of the clinic was Demetrius Lyrakos; one of the best-known psychiatrist-neurologist at the time.
Vision Providing high quality care and supporting people with emotional and psychological difficulties, in addition to outpatient psychiatric and psychodynamic psychotherapy in a warm and comfortable environment serving the values of human existence.
  • Care - Affection, interest and warmth to people who have emotional and mental difficulties.
  • Reliability - Structured with professionalism in a flexible and comprehensive framework of operation.
  • Premises - Continuous improvement of facilities with the aim of achieving excellent living conditions for patients.
  • Humanism - Selection of nurses and paramedical staff based on the patient’s needs.
  • Specialization – Continuous updates and constant education of scientific staff on developments in medical science and psychotherapy.

The psychiatric clinic Lyrakou, beyond hospitalization services which  it has been offering for more than 35 years consecutively, offers in addition mainstream psychotherapy, psychiatric follow-up, psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive guidance to individuals and group sessions. Every psychiatrist and psychologist is highly specialized and is a member of the outpatient clinic.
Typical conditions in which we specialize are depression, manic depression, eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia), dementia, schizophrenia, sexual disorders (erectile dysfunction, orgasm, arousal, etc.) and rehabilitation.
For further reading about our clinic we welcome you to our new website where we intend to keep you informed of developments on issues that concern you and the happenings of our psychiatric clinic. Our associates and our scientific staff are at your disposal. You can contact us either through our website or by telephone/fax.



Agiou Sylla 7, 15127, Melissia
Tel.: +(30) 210 6131802 - +(30)  210 8044330,  +(30) 6970834965

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