Facilities: Rooms - Communal Facilities - Surrounding Spaces



The capacity of the clinic is 120 beds and is composed of 4 beds, 3 beds, 2-bed and single rooms. All the rooms have their own bathroom and are completely renovated while many have air conditioning and television.

Common Areas

There are several clinical common spaces such as TV lounges, occupational therapy area, etc. In these spaces we organize group psychotherapies, group games, theatrical games, sports, art therapy and other events.

Surrounding Spaces

The clinic is located on the outskirts of Penteli, it is surrounded in a green environment which contributes to peace of mind and uplift of the patient.  In the garden we organize sports, events, gardening, occupational therapy and techniques of artistic mediation.

Psychotherapeutic Center

An area of outpatient hospitalization for people with mild to moderate difficulties.  Recently created and added in the clinic...

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